#ATOEpiphany: Message from Sincerely Syreeta

ATO Epiphany / Breaking / Carousel / September 2, 2016

Life gets messy.

You know, like I know, it’s true.

And honey I mean messier than a tea party where the happenings of your life are what’s being brewed and sipped on. 

And that’s okay. 

Let’s take a moment to gain clarity about what “okay” means.

By definition, “Ok” is used to express assent, agreement, or acceptance. So when I assert that, “and that’s okay,” I am accepting that which is so that I can move as baggage free as possible towards that which will be (I mean as minimal a trace as possible of bitterness, anger or sadness trailing behind).

Why? Because of something that Carl Jung once affirmed that resonated deeply within me:

When a person enters the world, they represent a question to which their life has to provide an answer. The situations and circumstances that have filled your life are merely a way of bringing about answers to the questions that your very existence represents.

Now, based on this perspective of life and purpose, your personal power comes into play when determining what your life’s answer will be to the question that your existence represents. And this would be largely dependent on whether you accept (or reject) the events in your life, and how you ultimately choose to use them.

You can use them for building up yourself and others…and that’s okay. (Hold ya head love, I know it can get hard to do this at times *insert wailing emoji*)

Or you can use them for the destruction of yourself and others…and—in terms of free will and human flaws—it’s fair to say that that’s okay too. (But don’t get it twisted, we’re gonna need you to get it together, like ASAP!)

With either decision, this perspective forces us to become more realistic about the consequences that follow–the doors that will open or shut as a result of what we choose to be okay with in life.

You see how internal power works there?

Anywho, the goal for #ATOEpiphany was for SS Readers to flex their courage muscle and examine a life experience, seeing it for all of its beauty and tragedy, and find it within themselves to say: And that’s okay.

That can be

And yet, all throughout August, we did it.

So thank you to all those who flexed that courage muscle, whether it was via submission of your epiphany or simply reflecting on your own experiences after reading others.

As we push through this last stretch of 2016, make sure you work your damndest to discover and understand: (1) the question your existence represents, and (2) the answer that your life will ultimately become.


We’ve got one life to get it all wrong and get it all right…

and that’s okay.

– Sincerely Syreeta

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