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Breaking / Carousel / November 9, 2016

Just like the American Dream applied to a little black boy named Barack Hussein Obama who would one day grow up to be the first black President of the United States…

Just like it applied to a woman who wouldn’t have even had a right to vote roughly 100 years ago, yet made a solid run for President of the United States…

It also applied to a wealthy white man with no experience in criminal justice or politics, but plenty in sales and marketing.

In each of these instances, we’ve witnessed history.

And however any of this has affected your perspective, sense of hope, and vision for the future, hold fast to this:

The common thread between the aforementioned Americans (and so many other people) is that they did not give up, they did not go silent, and they remained true to their vision for their lives and this country. At all times they remained the change they wanted to see and by doing so, their work called forth allies, supporters, and opportunities. (As well as challenges, criticisms, and death threats.)

The bottom line is: do you have that kind of willpower in you?

And how will you use that thread of commonality between those three, and your own life principles, to carefully and strategically weave the reality that you want to see?

– Sincerely Syreeta

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