“I Wouldn’t Take That if I Was You”

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“I wouldn’t take that if I was you.”

The statement brought the train of thoughts moving at the speed of light in my mind halting in their tracks. I looked away from the cement splashed across the driver side of my brand-new car to the man who sat behind the wheel of his, shaking his head at the sight. His gaze shifted to the pothole that contained a little over half of the fresh cement it had once been filled with and a caution sign knocked over just steps away from it.

“Take pictures and report it, young lady.”

I mustered the best appreciative smile I could, told him I would and thanked him as I loaded my bags into the front seat. He pulled off in the opposite direction, headed east on Christian Street, shaking his head until he turned on Broad and out of my line of vision.

I turned back to look at the shiny red paint that less than two weeks prior had brought me such joy at the sight of it, took a deep breath and pulled my phone from my coat pocket.

The first car that I was finally financially stable enough to purchase all on my own…and then this.

I had a few choice words for the universe but I won’t share them here in writing because…instances of fresh concrete and shit, ya know? However, I will share that I added “you know I ain’t really, really mean that” after I vented them all.

*cue that random guy on Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book” mixtape: “You don’t want zero problems big fella!”*

No. No, I don’t want any problems. Because you know what?

Those cement problems cost roughly $4400 in repairs.

Weeks later, after having filed my complaint with the city and moved on with my life, his words still stuck with me.

I wouldn’t take that if I was you.

Maybe it’s the accountability coach or faith-believer in me that caused me to take his words as seeds and plant them deep in the soils of my mind and heart.

Maybe it’s the the road blocks I hit in some of the most important areas of my life that inspired me to finally brake and turn the wheel in a new direction.

Whatever it was, it caused me to picture the woman—the human being—that I envision becoming, taking a stroll back in time and after surveying my life, seeing all the areas where I was unhappy or unfulfilled, looking me dead in my eyes and saying, “I wouldn’t take that if I was you.”

The shift that my life has undergone started long before he uttered those words…

Long before his statement took me out of my head and motivated me to act (wisely I might add)…

But all I know now is, THAT woman goes to sleep with me and wakes up with me every single day. She’s there at every moment, silently whispering those words in my ear when I’m about to say yes to anything that she would not take. Anything that is not aligned with my most authentic self and what I’m destined to be.

The more no’s that I utter to what my soul rejects, the stronger her voice and presence gets.

Maybe your life is perfect and you’ve got it all figured out. (BTW: You’sa lie. “You ain’t got ta lie Craig, you ain’t got ta lie.”)

But maybe, you’re a little like me at this point in my life. Which, at least internally, can sometimes look and feel more like a baby giraffe learning how to walk.

Struggling, man…but moving forward.

Here’s your homework:

Take a step back and look at your life. If the greater version of you, the best version of you, walked into the hallways of your mind and heart, and examined the rooms of your life, what would they stop, stare, and turn on their heels to face you toe to toe on, and say: I wouldn’t take that.

Again, disclaimer: wisdom, discernment, common sense, is required in this kind of life-changing decision-making. But so is a healthy amount of courage, bravery and accountability.

This is about examining the areas that you’ve chosen to stay unhappy, unfulfilled, or settle in out of…dare I say…fear. Guilt. Oh and let’s not forget the big ones: COMFORT and FAMILIARITY.

Your greatest self wouldn’t take that.

So, why are you?

Take mental, emotional, and even spiritual pictures…and report to your soul as well as, for those whom it applies to, your God…

And then get intentional with doing something about it.

Email me and let me know how it goes:

I look forward to your shift…and the results of mine.

– Sincerely Syreeta

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