5 Tips To Help Shy Teens Engage More At School

S.S. Portfolio / The Grind / June 14, 2017

My daughters are anything but shy.

They’re comfortable striking up a chit-chat with just about anyone and aren’t afraid to jump right into the mix and contribute to a conversation.

This isn’t necessarily the case for everyone, including my kids whom I’ve worked with as a youth program facilitator. Yes, my kids. Be it one day, one week, four weeks, eight weeks or an entire school year, the students that I work with become my kids. I’m fully invested not only in their success within the program, but their development in life.

Witnessing a once painfully shy teen become comfortable in their skin is like watching a flower bloom. They go from barely speaking and making eye contact, to raising their hands and offering their two cents, venturing into the territory of leadership, and connecting with their peers.

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