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Syreeta “Sincerely SyreetaMartin graduated from Temple University in 2012 with a B.A. in journalism and founded, a blog that seeks to inspire, empower and motivate others on their personal life journey. Thanks to her compelling life story and innovative branding approach, the mother of two started Sincerely Syreeta & Co., LLC in 2013 after a successful crowd-funding campaign. Sincerely Syreeta & Co. is a lifestyle business that motivates people to Empathize, Empower and Evolve through Content, Consulting and Coaching. The company also has SiSy’s Here a social impact initiative that provides empowerment programming and workshops, as well as motivational speaking to diverse audiences in need. Syreeta has been recognized by Femme & Fortune Magazine as 1 of 30 women under 30 who are Philadelphia’s most inspiring women, and works diligently to specifically empower youth, women, millennials, entrepreneurs and artists. The mother of two values family, faith, food and a life lived on purpose.


Words from SS…

dress_pick2_armcrossedsincere (427x640)I created and developed Sincerely Syreeta after accepting my life purpose of empathizing with the journey’s of others, empowering them along the way so that we can all evolve for the betterment of ourselves and the world.

As a kid, I was always fascinated with the art of story telling, the power of words and the overall unpredictability of life. This fascination led me to make constructive use of my imagination by writing short stories, personal philosophies and poetry. Upon graduating early from high school, I attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA where I majored in journalism; there, I honed my skills and started as a personal blog and online portfolio.

A former teen-parent and Pittsburgh-native transplant, I lived in Philadelphia with no family and struggled to balance parenthood, a full time academic workload, and various part time jobs. became an outlet for me as I reflected on my life experiences in hopes of inspiring others. By the time I graduated from college in May of 2012, I was officially freelancing for and ready to get serious with my blogging. On welfare with no substantial money or investors to jump-start my vision, I used what I had and invested $17 to purchased the SS domain name. I began covering events around Philadelphia as I continued to blog about my personal journey. The readership began to grow exponentially and the SS brand was solidified.

The #SincerelySyreeta journey has evolved from a blog, to a brand, to a business. Sincerely Syreeta & Co. LLC, is now a lifestyle business that motivates people to Empathize, Empower and Evolve through Content, Consulting and Coaching.

As a once 16-year-old teen mother I wondered how the hell I was going to survive in this world. Now a college-educated


A picture of us taken on May 10th, 2012 at my graduation from Temple University.

journalist, entrepreneur and advocate, I know my journey has a purpose–that every challenge was a stepping stone to greatness and an advancement towards fulfilling the mission I’ve been put on this earth to complete.

It is my hope that through this site and the SS journey, each of you gain a renewed sense of strength, direction and purposeLet’s grow together, laugh together and among all else learn to live and love life together. Please enjoy the content, new developments, and events. And be sure to leave comments, send emails and know that with each SS endeavor I give a piece of my heart to you.

Most importantly, it’s my hope that as my two daughter’s, Arionna (10) and Gabrielle (6), grow up they can look at all their mother has built and see that dreams do come true…all you need to have is a little faith, a lot of love and strength, one hell of a strategic plan that allows for room to adapt, and unwavering focus.

I’ve been told “no” more times than I preferred when it came to my dreams and visions and that I don’t aim high enough…funny thing is none of that mattered in the end.

I did it my way and on my terms–remaining ever true to myself and my mission.

I’m here to help you do the same.

Humbly Moving Forward,

Sincerely Syreeta


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