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SiSy’s Here: At A Glance


SiSy’s Here is a social impact intitiatve of Sincerely Syreeta & Co. Through the provision of workshops, school and non-profit programming, motivational speaking engagements, community events (and sponsorship of them), and social media campaigns, SiSy’s Here serves diverse communities throughout the Tri-State region. 

Current and past clients include: YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School , Project H.O.M.E’s Rowan Home, The Beckett Life Center, various local non-profits, Girl Scouts of Southeastern Pennsylvania, United Way of Greater Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, The Cupcake Society, Delaware Valley Charter High School, The Philadelphia School District and Philadelphia-area charter schools.




(Women’s Healing & Empowerment Workshops)

The first project (launched summer 2012) is affectionately titled the W.H.E.W! Project (Women’s Healing & Empowerment Workshops)

WHEW! is designed to ensure that the woman who walks through the door on the first day is not the same one who leaves out of it on the last. Through self-development, personal coaching, resources, group exercises and journaling, Syreeta empowers women to critically and analytically process their life journey. The benefits of this empowerment programming includes:

  • An increased sense of self, purpose and direction
  • Personal development and acceptance
  • Healing of the heart and mind
  • A strategic approach to success in life and career
  • A sense of sisterhood
  • A personal accountability partner
  • A safe and judgmental free environment
  • An expanded network of resources and access
  • Cultural exposure

If you’re interested in volunteering, providing product donations or sponsorship, or booking SS please e-mail for further information.

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I had the pleasure of joining world boxing champ, Danny “Swift” Garcia; Super Bowl champ, Raheem Brock; and Black Label Salon & Spa for the Diva’s Against Bullying School Tour created by none other than the Queen Diva herself, Christina Sanchez. The students listened to my life story, eyes wide; they readily engaged with me in conversation as I asked for their thoughts; and perhaps what made me most happy was how excited they were to share their own dreams, goals and aspirations with me.

Thank you to QD for inviting me to be a part of such a great cause!

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Love 4 Mileena Campaign

I met Mileena Davis on May 6th, 2013 while sharing my story with the young women at Germantown High School. It was then that I learned about her story and launched a call-to-action to the public through SiSy’s Here, on her behalf.

Mileena was a mother of one-year-old Miracle who had a kidney condition and she was pregnant with twins, one of which had passed in the womb. She had recently been kicked out of the place that she was staying and after experiencing a tough life in general since childhood, she had finally decided to reach out for help. In essence, she felt she had hit rock bottom. After learning of her story, various businesses, organizations and individuals partnered with me and through our efforts we were able to get her to senior prom; support her in graduating on time; find her housing, and adequately prepare her for the birth of her daughter, Neriah.

I went on to become Neriah’s God-mother. Five months after Neriah was born, on November 17th, 2013, she passed away due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Again, I (and the community) were there with her through it all, including the painful moment of Neriah being taken off of life-support, meeting with social workers and church clergy, planning the memorial and journeying through the mourning process.

Mileena is currently gathering the strength to move forward in her life. She is currently attending a trade school where she is studying to become a nurse. Mileena and Miracle are on the path to a very bright and blessed future.

You can view the pictures of the #Love4Mileena journey below.

Photo credits: DanieG Photography.

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Philadelphia Youth Project: Keynote Speaker

In November of 2013, Chris McFadden of the Philadelphia Youth Project, invited me to come as the keynote speaker for the third annual PYP Youth Conference. The conference included a keynote address, workshops, poetry, talent show, a culture presentation, giveaways and food, all free to attendees. The theme for the year’s conference was “Winning the Race” and through my keynote address, I was asked to encourage and empower youth and young adults through my story. It was a phenomenal experience and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it!

Photo credit: D Burton Photography

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