The Company

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”  ― Warren Buffett

Sincerely Syreeta & Co. is a lifestyle business that motivates people to Empathize, Empower and Evolve through Content, Consulting and Coaching.

Mission | Consider this company an assayer. An assayer is defined as: the analysis of a metal or ore to determine its components. We consider you and/or your business to be much like a precious metal, so to speak. Sincerely Syreeta & Co. examines and analyzes you and/or your business with the purpose of determining your components and extracting the best of the best.

Goal | Sincerely Syreeta & Co. is committed to helping individuals, brands and businesses evolve for the betterment of their existence, and ultimate impact on us all.

Who does Sincerely Syreeta & Co. serve?
  • Youth, women and men
  • College students
  • Small businesses
  • Start-up’s
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-profit organization
  • Public Servants
What does Sincerely Syreeta & Co. provide?
  • Content |
    • Talk Show: Sincerely Chosen: The Live Interview Series
    • Digital & Print Topics: Lifestyle, How-To, Op-ed, Profile Pieces, Event Coverage, and more.
    • Social Media: Messaging and Management
    • Content Sharing
    • Web Copy, Biographies, Copy Writing, Press Releases and Professional Editing Services
  • Consulting |
    • Brand Development: Personal and Business
    • Strategic Planning: Projects, Partnerships, and Short/Long Term Business Planning
    • Social Media: Strategy and Management
  • Coaching |
    • Accountability Partner
    • E-Coaching
    • Creativity Coaching
    • Project-based Coaching

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